Sunday, 30 October 2011


So, October is nearly over... there have been some beautiful autumn days here and the light has been fabulous.... Looking at the kaleidoscope blanket draped over the chair shows me that there has definently been progress made over the last week or so. I will photograph the blanket when the sun shines - hopefully tomorrow!

I'm excited about November... we should have a new fire and fire surround by the end of November. I've missed having a mantlepiece and I can't wait to decorate it. Hope you have a month full of good health and happy times... thank you for visiting today x.


noknittedknickers said...

Such lovely photos. We've been so very lucky with the weather. The perfect teaser for life back in the UK, even if I know I'll miss NewYork. Cx

vrouw Hommel said...

Beautiful pictures and blanket. Have nice days.

Lynne said...

Great pictures! Hope November is just as lovely for you.

Teresa said...

Yarn bombing--have you started it? It seems to be getting here too!
I love your blanket, it's just so... perfect!

winkieflash said...

You have done good in October! :) Well done! *thumbs up*
ps The giveway on my blog is about to expire, but you can still join and win! :)