Monday 5 June 2017


Since my last post we have been to Krakow, Poland. It's our second visit there in five months and both times we have visited Auschwitz Birkenhau. We also visited the Jewish Quarter and found that the chairs in the ghetto square have been yarn bombed in recent weeks. The guides and locals do not know anything about why the chairs were yarn bombed.

This trip has left me in a reflective mindset about mankind and how I live my life if I am honest. We each have within us the ability to create a spark of light in someone's day. Kindness is free. 



Sandra said...

Kindness is free. An excellent reminder. I also always say that a smile can go a long way in spreading human warmth as we go about our day. Even on the telephone, we can notice when someone is smiling!
Interesting crochet covered chairs!

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Hello Andrea,
My name is Maureen. I sort of blog (read: I am going to start again) with my cat, Josephine over at Wordpress.
I just happened upon your return to blogland. You may know that Annette at
My Rose Valley is closing her blog at the end of this month. I Have started and stopped my own blog several times in the past three years. I started it as a diary for my grandkids to read some day if thay so chose.
You crochet so beautifully. Wow. I don't do fancy stuff, and I am slow, sequential and steady. Well, not as steady as I'd like to be. Only one project at a time. (I get confused easily.)
Why have you visited Poland? Do you have relatives there? Or for the beauty/history?
I put your blog in my Reader and I hope you do decide to return to the no-drama side of blogland. Maybe the key is a small following like I have! Ha! : ) maureen and josephina ballerina

Andrea said...

I will put this reply here just in case you changed your email when you moved to Wordpress...

Thank you for your comment Maureen. So kind of you to stop by and say hello. I must say you are right about blogging being better with only a few followers. So far things are much calmer than the circus it used to be. It seems I am back just as blogging is falling out of fashion and I am fine with this.

Last September I felt a real need to visit Auschwitz and try to understand more about the holocaust and this is why we have been to Krakow twice. I do feel the whole experience has helped my soul evolve. Krakow itself is fascinating and I could easily go back again, but there is so much of Europe we haven't experienced and so we probably won't go back for that reason.

Lovely to hear from you,

Andrea said...

Sandra I am replying here as my email is not working...

Thank you for your visit Sandra and your wise words. I hope you are keeping well and your weather is brighter than our wintery climate.
Take care Andrea